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Buyer: 2, female, college degree or above. 1. Familiar with office software. 2, responsible for the machine, machine parts, labor insurance supplies, office supplies, assist raw materials and other procurement work and house rental work 3, for people are straight, work care, patience and sense of responsibility, today's things today, there is a driver's license, has been Marriage is priority.

Container internal service: 1, female, college degree or above. 1. Familiar with the operation of ERP software and office software. 2, the container rental, the box of the box is registered, and the account of all operator customers, all the contracts of all operators signed a deposit, regularly arrange the after-sales personnel to conduct customer return and maintenance. 3, keep friendly contact with customers, holiday send greeting cards and gifts. There is a driver's licensee, the married educated is preferred.

Quality inspection: 2 college degree or above, 2 years and above work experience. 1. Responsible for the detection and acceptance of raw materials, to return the inspection data to the storage, cooperate with the production of processes. 2, obey the company's management, control the quality of the product in strict accordance with the quality inspection requirements of the company. 3, steadily and stable, hard work, and work carefully. 4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and a good team awareness, there is a driving license.

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The company specializes in research and development and manufacturing all kinds of glass-magnesium fire board series, magnesium oxide fire board series, magnesium sulfate fire board series, fire free flue, fire door, purification core plate and liner, partition wall ceiling, various integrated housing, container Housing special fire plate, exterior wall and roof enhance fire special board, etc.
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