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Chen Kai, general manager of the group, visited the Shenggang Dongtai Branch

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On February 5, 2021, Chen Kai, general manager of Shenggang Group, led the group deputy general manager Fan Min, and the administrative manager Han Yuyi went to Dongtai Shenggang inspection project construction, equipment program implemented, and guided the next step.

Chen Kai General Manager Chen Shenggang Office, listened to the construction plan, intelligent, digital equipment design plan of subsequent investment projects, construction plan and intelligent workshop renovation plan, group leaders around \"environmental protection, green Factory, operating costs, social responsibility, international first-class, investment return, planning layout \", etc., in the general command of Dongtai Shenggang, the general engineering staff, the design hospital experts, equipment supplier, etc.


General Manager Chen said that the current Dongtai Shenggang has entered the equipment program and design countdown, according to the chairman of the group: June 30, 2021, the first phase of the project equipment must be debugged, July 15, the previous period, the previous period must try Successful, July 30, the previous period of investment projects must be successful. Next, we must make a planning project program and a project node, confirming the responsibility of each preparatory personnel, and the entire pipeline must be a worldwide.

The Eastern Taiwan is equitable, the responsibility is large, the time is tight, and the general command of the project is said: will actively respond to the headquarters of the Group, actively implement measures, pragmatic management, cooperate hard, learn, to Shandong Shenggang Advanced, attacking hard, contributing to the construction of International first-class factories in Dongtai Shenggang and early production.

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