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First, product review:

Environmental protection \"chlorofer magnesium fire door panel \" is a new generation of new fire-resistant filler materials, with non-blanage, fire resistance, good thermal insulation, water soaking, environmental, lightweight, sound insulation and other characteristics. Prior to the development of this technology, the fire door product has a large number of \"aluminum silicate fiber materials \", because the aluminum silicate products are produced, the fibers can be produced during use, which will cause damage to the health of the human body. Therefore, I have been working hard to seek environmentally friendly alternative products. Environmentally friendly \"Chlorofer Magnesium Fire Mock Board \", has been inspected by the national fire building materials Quality Testing Center, superior to traditional fire prevention materials (aluminum silicate, rock cotton).

Second, the product characteristics:

1, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly
2, fire prevention, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance
3, convenient construction, light quality, insulation insulation.
4, it is cut, it can, can be saw.
5. It conforms to the national standard GB8624-2012 A1 unburned standard. It has the characteristics of lightness, high strength, corrosion resistance, and environmental protection.

Third, the main performance

density300-350kg / m3Switch rate (%>0.25
Flexural strength8MPafire resistance1-2H
Compressive strength0.35-0.8 (MPa)Flash resistance1000> ° C
Thermal Conductivity0.035-0.046W /> (M.K>)Soundcker0.03-0.8
Water content (%>10>%

Fourth, specifications:

2,100 × 900 × (30 ~ 50) mm; 2050 * 95 * (30-50) MM and many other specifications can also be designed and processed according to customer requirements.

V. Test:

Products through the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center by GB8624-2012 A1 \"Building Materials Combustion Performance Grading Method\" and GB / T20285-2006AQ1 << Material Smoking Toxic Danger Raising>>.


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