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Concentrates to develop investment construction score new articles

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We work together to innovate and speed, pursue excellence, adhering to integrity, qualified, learning, innovation, realizing customer satisfaction, employee, social satisfaction, and create a long-term development, create a better future for society.


In December 2020, He Hong Kong Company cooperated with Shandong Dezhou Yucheng Chenlong Building Materials Co., Ltd., and successfully signed a block in Shandong Dezhou Yucheng, which is expected to invest 180 million as a new material industry project. The product is mainly refined, high-end, environmentally friendly, radiation protection, fire prevention performance, and realizes the design and manufacture of 3D printing techniques and assembly mobile building (houses). Design and manufacturing.

In the early stage, the group has passed more, multi-level investigation, finally address Shandong Texas City, fully reflects the confidence of Shenggang's construction in the construction of new projects and the willingness to the Shandong local governments. During the project planning and preparatory process, the local government has been strongly supported and helped. It has paved the road for new projects, and the huge economic benefits and social benefits of the new projects are full of expectations.


The reason why the project attaches us and expects, with the company's market influence and qualification reputation, with its product advantages and characteristics, with the unique advantages and market development potential of the industry.

The implementation of this project responded to national policies, developed environmentally friendly, high quality, fire prevention performance, magnesium building materials, promotes magnesium building materials in building materials, architectural decoration industries. Project construction will help my country and local development of circular economy. Magnesium building materials raw materials include waste slag and other waste, the implementation of the project is not only conducive to alleviating environmental pollution status, but also turned waste into treasures, reducing resources, providing consumers with continuous renewable products, helping my country's circular economy development .



Products, market expansion is the key to the company's scale expansion. Future Hong Kong companies will further enhance production and management capabilities, improve product quality and quality, improve relevant industrial chain, and focus on the product market, with higher gestures and more comprehensive The supporting service welcomes the market and customers, contributing to the company's development and promoting local economic and social development.


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