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Container house special floor / wall panel product


Sheng Hong Kong-style container house special floor, the wall panel is the Shenggang Enterprise Group has been put into production in March 2012 in March 2012, certified by the National Public Security Department Fire Testing Center, and obtains international CE certification, China Pacific Property Insurance Company Product Quality Insurance Control The product. This product is rated as a special wall plate and floor research and development manufacturing base of China's container houses by the National Magnesia Parties. Products, domestic and foreign large, medium-sized container housing professional manufacturers used in the second year of manufacture, the new generation of new generation products in the container housing floor is also a brand-name product in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

product advantages:

First, light quality and high;

Second, the service life is long;

Third, the cost is low;

Fourth, the installation is installed, the cutting is convenient: to cut laying with ordinary American knees or woodworking electric saws, hit the nail force, and it is not easy to loose after fixation. Survey, marble, various veneers, finishes, paints, wear-resistant flooring and other internal decorations.

Fifth, fire: This product is inorganic with chlorofunction of chlorofunction. Refractory limit is guaranteed for 4.5 hours, which belongs to the A1-level non-combustible product.

Sixth, green environmental protection;

7. The various models, specifications, and thickness of this product can be customized according to the requirements of various container house manufacturers, and thus saves production costs for each manufacturer.

Eight, this special floor, the wall panel is a low carbon, heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving, low carbon, thermal conductivity;

Nine, this product can customize a variety of walls with flower and wood pattern and other panels, and the floor-specific plates are available for you.

Ten, product use: specialized flooring and wall panels for container rescue houses and wall panels, construction site container dormitory. Container people defense special floor and wall panels. Container kitchen special floor and wall panels, container office special floor and wall panels, container housing general language special floor and wall panels, container integrated integrated houses special floor and wall panels, container warehouse special floor and wall panels, container all kinds of machine rooms Special floor and wall panels, container machinery room special floor and wall panels, container yard special floor and wall panels, containers, rescue, command, military, public security, avoidance, etc. special flooring and wall panels, large container residential special floors and Wall board, container hotel special floor and wall panel. 20-foot 40-scale tabulation and non-standard container mobile box house special floor and wall panel, vacation container integrated home special floor and wall panel, all kinds of exhibition wings and other container houses and wall panels and other products. The company has a large number of container housing supporting various specifications of green fire-enhanced fiber indoor and external thermal insulation plates for container houses.


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