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Heavy launch\"Sheng Port Magnesium Distance Special Plate\" !!!

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product description

Sheng Hong Kong magnesium air tube special sheet is based on the\"National People's Republic of China\" Glass Magnesium Drain (JC / T646-2006), with modified magnesium sulfate as gelling tissue materials, adiabatic polystyrene foam, etc. Dedicated plates made made of core materials. Sheng Hang brand duct special sheet is guaranteed by the China Pacific Property Insurance Company Product Quality Guarantee, users can use, various thickness, specifications, etc. can be customized according to user requirements.

one,The scope of products

Sheng Port magnesium air tube special sheet is suitable for new construction, expansion, reconstructed civil buildings and C, Ding, glutinous industrial building, media temperature -30 ° C ~ 300 ° C, system working pressure ≤ 3000Pa, long side Anti-smoking exhaust rectangular duct having a refractory performance of more than 4000 mm. Anti-smoking and exhaustive rectangular duct for all the same refractory performance requirements of the rail station and other fields can be referred to.


Second, the product characteristics

Sheng Hong Kong brand magnesium wind tube special plate breaks through the original metal wind tube covering program, the new refractory duct passed the inspection and test of the national authority, and has also been highly recognized by the industry expert team.

Metal composite refractory wind tube meets national standard requirements in technical indicators such as fire resistance, mechanical strength, and airtightness, and has high construction convenience, high comprehensive price, durable, green environmental protection. Highlight policy guides in national construction industry standardization and green buildings.


At the same time, on August 7, 2021, Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee official website released \"Notice on Approval\" Building Smoke-free Smoke Distribution System Composite Refractory Distance Design\"for Chongqing Engineering Construction Standard Design It will be officially implemented on October 1, 2021. This atlas mainly on the refractory refractory refractory requirements of composite refractory ducts in the construction of smoke exhausting systems, the selection of composite refractory ducts, and the design of various parts of the wind tube. Requirements, production, assembly, etc.

Shenggang Group is a manufacturer specializing in research and development and manufacturing all kinds of fire boards. It is also a leader in the field of domestic fire prevention materials. All design units, construction units, construction units come to the company to survey, investigate and guide.

Jiangsu Shenggang Group

The company is a high-tech enterprise, private technology enterprise, high-tech enterprise, China Pacific property insurance company product quality underwriting enterprise, enterprise self-invented and practical new patent 86, 36 high-tech products, and dominated a number of plate national standards And container housing use fireproof sheets, etc.




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