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Ingenuity and quality, keep improving

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Ingenuity and quality, keep improving

A hundred years just to make a board

Ingenuity is down-to-earth, focused and long-lasting, not eager to prove yourself, polish the work with feelings, create product strength in the subtleties, and build the quality of the rock with perseverance.

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Jiangsu Shenggang Group adheres to the enterprise spirit of \u0026quot;exploration, innovation, truth-seeking, and dedication\u0026quot;, and takes \u0026quot;customer satisfaction, employee willingness, and social satisfaction\u0026quot; as its business philosophy, pursuing excellent business performance and achieving the realm of social and customer satisfaction. Always adhere to the responsibility of society and the industry while creating brand value, and make contributions to society, customers and the industry.

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The company specializes in the development and manufacture of various glass magnesium fireproof board series, magnesium oxide fireproof board series, magnesium sulfate fireproof board series, fire flue, fire door, purification core board and lining board, partition wall ceiling, various integrated houses, container Senggang Group has first-class laboratories and strong scientific research capabilities to meet the different needs of customers. New and old customers are welcome to come and consult.


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The company specializes in research and development and manufacturing all kinds of glass-magnesium fire board series, magnesium oxide fire board series, magnesium sulfate fire board series, fire free flue, fire door, purification core plate and liner, partition wall ceiling, various integrated housing, container Housing special fire plate, exterior wall and roof enhance fire special board, etc.
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