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Shenggang brand green environmental protection fireproof non-formaldehyde sheet

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It is a non-combustible material with a fire rating of A1.

It represents environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and no glue and other formaldehyde-containing substances are added to the board.

It has high-strength nail-holding power, screw-holding power, and a single self-tapping screw has a nail-holding force of more than 70N. It has passed strict high-temperature and high-humidity environmental tests and freeze-thaw resistance tests, while meeting internal control standards.

It has a good affinity and can be processed twice on site or used twice.

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It is made in Senggang to contribute to the carbon peak carbon neutral goal.

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Ordinary glass magnesium board

●High shrinkage rate, easy to deform or even break.

●Not resistant to water, high softening coefficient, reduced strength in contact with water.

●The flexural strength is poor, and the whole board will gradually powder after half a year.

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●The surface cannot be decorated, it will fall off.

●It will corrode after nailing, and the saw blade will corrode when cutting.

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Shenggang Magnesium New Functional Board

●The thickness of 3mm can reach the A1 grade combustion performance standard.

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●It can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, sawed, planed, and can be cut with a utility knife, which is convenient for construction.

●The board body is flexible and elastic, and can be bent into various shapes.

●It can be used in secondary processing with various panels, surface decoration materials or raw veneers.

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●In addition to dry steel frame compartments, it can also be used for wet lightweight cement grouting compartment wall construction.

3. Application of Shenggang Board

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Shenggang board is usually used in: automobile, purification, soft bag, hard bag base layer, partition wall, marine military, store, cinema, tunnel, underground space, composite ceiling, curtain box and light trough.

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