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Talking about Magnesium Sulfoxide Board

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At present, glass magnesium sheet is divided into two routes: magnesium oxysulfide and magnesium oxychloride.There are two kinds of them, and it is inevitable that there will be a comparison. As a rising star, magnesium oxysulfide has a growing comparative advantage, which is determined by technological progress and its own comprehensive advantages.

  • for whatMagnesium sulfide board

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The strength of magnesium oxysulfide fireproof board can be the same as that of magnesium oxychloride board, and its main application is to produce some light insulation boards.Magnesium oxysulfide board is a mixture of calcium sulfate or calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate added to the magnesium chloride solution.It can be considered as a change of magnesium oxychloride board.The incorporation of phosphate is mainly to improve the rheology and water resistance of the cement paste.In addition, magnesium oxide can also be treated with sulfuric acid to produce magnesium oxysulfide boards.

  • Material comparison of magnesium oxysulfide and magnesium oxychloride

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Magnesium oxychloride: magnesium chloride + magnesium oxide + filler + additives

Magnesium oxysulfide: magnesium sulfate + magnesium oxide + fillers + additives

It can be seen that the biggest difference between the two is the difference between magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate.

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  • Magnesium oxysulfide is less corrosive:

Most of the current plates are composite materials, and some are steel skeletons. Magnesium oxysulfide is less corrosive and can be better combined with other materials.The space for natural applications is even greater.For example, fire doors and other plywood panels, the outer layer can be made of steel. If the fire core plate returns to halogen, the corrosion of the outer metal will not only affect the quality, but also pose a big safety hazard.

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