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The first month of the fifteen drank

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Lantern Festival 2022.2.15

The first month of the fifteen drank

A bowl of dumplings, a blessing

Find back to the Lantern Festival

May you have a good thing, everything can be diluted.

Gathering sweet, reunion sweet

For you [sweet] full year

The month is the joon of the lunar calendar. The ancients said that \"Night \" is \"Lanx \", the first month of the first month of the year, so the first month of fifteenth is \"Lantern Festival \". According to Taoism \"three yuan \", the first month of fifteenth is also called \"Month Festival \". The Lantern Festival is mainly based on the celebration of celebrations since ancient times.

The Lantern Festival is one of China's traditional festival. The Lantern Festival mainly has a series of traditional folk activities such as fireworks, eating dumplings, guessing riddles, and fireworks.

Qing Yu case, Yuan Xi

The Dongfeng Night is a thousand trees, but also blowing, stars. BMW carvit is full. Take the phoenix, the jade pot is turning, one night fish dragon dance.

Moth Snow Liu Yellow Gold, laughing and profit. The crowd looked for him thousands of Baidu, he looked back, but the man is in the light of the light.

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2022.2.15 Lantern Festival

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