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Sheng Hang brand green environmentally friendly fire-free plate

Sheng Kong Board in your eyes - is a non-combustible material, fire protection level A1. It-represents green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and adding formaldehyde substances such as glue in the plate. It-high-strength, spiral spike, single self-tapping screw nail reached 70N, by strict high temperature, high humidity environment test, anti-frozen test, and meet internal control standards. It - has good affinity that can be used for secondary processing at the site, or it can be used twice. It-patented technology, plate enhancement fiber, but it is possible to compare the flexible construction of wood boards, and Hong Kong has two hundred and twenty inventive patents, one hundred and ten practical new patents. It - it is a replacement of 21st century wood, enjoy the reputation of \"Science and Technology Wood\", two consecutive reviews of China Patent Excellence Award, Country

Shenggang Group's third quarter of the third quarter of the third quarter

On the afternoon of June 23, 202, Shenggang Group held the third quarter of 20021, the employee meeting held in the second floor of the company, and the meeting was hosted by the Manager of the Executive Department. At the meeting, analyzed the production of the company in 2021 first two quarters, and the product sales were analyzed, and it was insufficient, and the work plan was set up. Shenggang Container 02 Production Deputy General Planmobile: The quality of product has become the fundamental and development guarantee of a company based in the market. The quality of product quality decides the life of the product, and even the development of the company. There is no market without quality, there is no quality, there is no quality, there is no quality. Therefore, the quality is the hard truth! We must pay close attention to the quality of our products and do the quality. Therefore, before the production starts every day, check the preparations, ready to start production, and strengthen the monitoring of each production process, the key process and

Heavy launch\"Sheng Port Magnesium Distance Special Plate\" !!!

Heavy launch\"Sheng Port Magnesium Distance Special Plate\" product introduction Sheng Port magnesium wind pipe special sheet is based on the\"National People's Republic of China Standard\" Glass Magnesium Drain (JC / T646-2006), The modified magnesium sulfate is a dedicated sheet made of gel gelling material, heat-inside polystyrene foam or the like as a core material. Sheng Hang brand duct special sheet is guaranteed by the China Pacific Property Insurance Company Product Quality Guarantee, users can use, various thickness, specifications, etc. can be customized according to user requirements. I. Product application range Sheng Hong Kong magnesium air tube special sheets apply to new construction, expansion, transformation of civil buildings and C, Ding, glutin industrial building, media temperature -30 ° C ~ 300 ° C, system working pressure ≤ 3000Pa, long-term anti-smoking and exhaustive rectangular wind with a refractory performance required for long side is not more than 4000mm

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The company specializes in research and development and manufacturing all kinds of glass-magnesium fire board series, magnesium oxide fire board series, magnesium sulfate fire board series, fire free flue, fire door, purification core plate and liner, partition wall ceiling, various integrated housing, container Housing special fire plate, exterior wall and roof enhance fire special board, etc.
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