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The prosperous birthday, the country celebrates! Shenggang Group sent you a congratulatory message!

Zhangjiagang City Shenggang Green Fire Fire Building Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development and manufacturing various types of glass magnesium fireproof boards, magnesium oxide fireproof board series, magnesium sulfate fireproof board series, fire flue flue, fire door, core board, lining plate, partition wall, wall wall Ceiling, various integrated houses, container house special fireproof boards, exterior walls and roof enhancement fireproof boards, container AI -level fireproof resident containers (villas, offices, home, fishing houses, shops, cafes), isolation houses, mobile nucleic acid testing Boxes, magnesium magnesium technology flower pot series, product fire and environmental protection, green and pollution -free, are your best choices, we have a lot of varieties, look forward to your purchase.

2022 10-08
The first month of the fifteen drank

The first month of the fifteenth day, a bowl of dumplings, a blessing to find the Lantern Festival, I wish you all the best, everything can gather together, reunion sweet for you [sweet] full year

2022 02-15
Jiangsu Shenggang Group - Spring Festival holiday notice

Spring Festival holiday Notice Dear Customer: Hello! At the beginning of the New Year, Vientiane Update, 2022 footsteps will arrived, thank you for your long-term concern and love for Shenggang Group! In the past year, under your support and trust, we have to make progress in a fierce market environment! Combined with the actual situation of our company, the Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows: All managers: January 31 (New Year's Eve) - February 6 (Saturday); February 7 (early 7) Normal work. All production plants: January 30 (small year) - February 7th (Year 7); February 8th (Year 8) normal work. During the holiday season, our company does not have a duty personnel, in order to ensure that the company is not affecting the company's business, sincere reminds you to pay attention to the following: 1. If there is an urgency during the holiday, you can contact our sales dates, verify the delivery date,

2022 01-27